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INSA - Institut für neue soziale Antworten

Solidarisches Bürgergeld


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INSA-Studien 50plus


Die repräsentativen INSA-Studien 50plus geben einen Überblick, wie die "neue Mehrheit" – die Altersgruppen in der zweiten Lebenshälfte – denken und fühlen.

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Markt- und Sozialforschung


Die INSA-Stiftung wird unterstützt von der INSA-CONSULERE GmbH. Das Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitut gehört zu den wichtigsten Menungsforschnungsinstituten Deutschlands.

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The responsible persons in the politic and economy can’t give answers to economic and social challenges think a huge majority of citizens in the European states. This risks an approval to freedom, democracy and constitutional legality.


In the 1970s they talked about the new social question. But just the right questions aren't enough. Today the competition is important for the new social answers. Here decides sustainability of the liberal democratic social order. Freedom is no implicitness. We all have the responsibility for freedom.


If it's recognizable that trust will grow when social and economic plans exist in times where globalization and demographic change predominate. Next to the climate change, the social climate also needs attention. Plans against the global warming and against social cold have to develop and move.


The task of INSA is the holistic view over the social climate and develops lasting solutions. The problems and the solution statements in the state of the European Union have to compare analyse and make theories for common being.


The formulation of answers guaranteed like through economic freedom and social participation social security. It is interesting how families can be strengthening, an unconditional basic income can be move, work more recognized, to civic engagement motivate and inter-generation fairness make possible.